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Dr Gewertz has been an invited speaker to over 200 academic medical centers and professional organizations. His small and large group teaching efforts focus on leadership, personal development and healthcare delivery especially in academic medical centers.

The Best Medicine : Leadership lessons that make a difference in your work and life

Based on Dr Gewertz and Dave Logan’s popular book, Dr Gewertz presents the results of their survey of successful leadership traits. He offers a unified scheme for leadership development and relates specific skill sets to each phase of a leader’s career. The presentation includes numerous real-life examples of leadership challenges and the skills needed to manage them effectively.

Fostering innovation in health care: can we balance academic values, venture capital and conflicts of interest?

Based on Dr Gewertz’s experience in both academic medicine and business, he reviews the dynamics of innovation in healthcare. The discussion focuses on the challenges faced by healthcare startups and the practical aspects of team development and raising “seed funds” through venture financing. He examines conflicts of interest and commitment and offers strategies to facilitate development of successful academic industrial partnerships.

Emotional Intelligence in our personal and professional lives.

It is clear that enhanced emotional intelligence (EI) is associated with better personal achievement in a wide range of businesses and other pursuits. Further, emotionally intelligent professionals enjoy more satisfying interactions with colleagues and others, leading to measureable increases in personal fulfillment. Dr Gewertz supports these points with the extensive research relating to healthcare and other industries  and offers strategies to improve both personal and organizational capacity for EI.

Sustaining fulfillment in work and life.

We all wish to maximize the positive elements of both our personal and professional life. This is no small task given the many competing priorities of our current environment and requires careful balancing of many demands. Dr Gewertz reviews the current research on drivers of fulfillment in various professions and outlines attitudes and behaviors that can predispose to positive outcomes.

What do patients expect and how can we give it to them

Patient satisfaction with their healthcare is a highly valued goal of nearly all modern hospitals and physicians. That said, the underpinnings of patient satisfaction are a rich combination of closely held beliefs often submerged in other less weighty concerns about more superficial elements of care. Dr Gewertz reviews  the key determinants of patient satisfaction and focuses on the elements of the doctor patient relationship which can enhance these outcomes.

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